The main purpose of this Project is decontamination of polluted/ infected surfaces and/or liquid ((waters) by interaction with metamaterials, thin films produced by pulsed laser technologies and cold (non-equilibrium) plasma. 

    The main goal of this project is the design of low-cost and energy efficient environmental monitoring systems for sustainable healthy environment. Combinatorial pulsed laser deposition (C-PLD) and combinatorial matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation (C-MAPLE) are simple technologies for transferring and depositing thin, uniform and adherent inorganic and organic nanoparticle films with high versatility and deposition rates. The fabrication of combined multi-oxides, biological sensitive molecules (multi-antibody microarray) with variable composition in miniaturized structures will be achieved by the 2 technologies. The synthesized structures will be used for the detection of NO2, SO2, CO, chlorine, pesticides, or biological warfare agents.The detection mechanisms and model descriptions of the nano-sensors for the toxic molecules and viruses (comparing their optical absorption) will be proposed.