Surface functionalization with metamaterials: anticorrosive and antimicrobial biodegradable Mg alloy implants

Project number PD52/2018
This contract is financed by
Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research,
Project code : PN-III-P1-1.1-PD-2016-1219

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Research Team

Project Leader : Dr. Natalia Mihailescu

Coordinator - INFLPR


1. University “Politehnică” Bucharest , Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Material Science - ROMANIA
2. Center for Advanced Laser Technologies (CETAL), Biological Testing Laboratory - ROMANIA
3. University “Transilvania” Brașov - ROMANIA
4. University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology - ROMANIA;


1. It will be developed new and improved BMIs with tailored properties or functionalities induced by a new metamaterial surface, using complementary pulsed laser techniques, which will provide long-term corrosion protection and good osseointegration.
2. New products for orthopedic surgery in the form of BMIs modified with thin coatings to support the mechanical integrity, protection against biofilm associated infections, and an early osseointegration processes by increasing cell proliferation.
3. Promotion of clean, efficient and environmental friendly synthesis techniques.