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Mihai - Adrian Sopronyi

Scientific Researcher



2014-present PhD
University Of Bucharest – Physics Faculty - Solid State Physics
Thesis: “Rapid prototyping of biomaterials with laser” Supervisor : Prof. Dr. Ion N. Mihailescu

2011 –2013 Master Degree
University Politehnica of Bucharest - Management and Engineering of Technological Systems - Nanostructures and Unconventional Processes Engineering
Thesis : „ Research and development of biocompatible thin films equipment” Supervisor Conf. LĂCĂTUŞ Elena and Conf. IONESCU Nicolae

2007-2011 Bachelor Degree
University Politehnica of Bucharest- Management and Engineering of Technological Systems - Nanostructures and Unconventional Processes Engineering
Thesis : „ Design of the technological process and unconventional equipment for the manufacturing of an product, also the study for optimizing de deposition system of hydroxyapatite nanopowders” Supervisor Conf. LĂCĂTUŞ Elena


National Institute of Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics – Măgurele; Laser, Surface, Plasma interaction Laboratory; Romania

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Mihai -Adrian Sopronyi



Laser-Surface-Plasma Interactions Laboratory, Laser Department,
National Institute for Lasers, Plasma, and Radiation Physics (INFLPR),
Institute of Atomic Physics, 409 Atomistilor Street,
P.O. Box MG-36 RO-77125, Magurele, Bucharest V, Romania,
Phone: (40)-(21) 457 44 91,
Fax: (40)-(21) 457 42 43, 457 44 67,

Scientific papers published 


1. Natalia Mihailescu, Merve Erginer Haskoylu, Carmen Ristoscu, Müge Sennaroglu Bostan, Mihai Sopronyi, Mehmet S. Eroğlu, Mariana Carmen Chifiriuc, Cosmin Catalin Mustaciosu, Emanuel Axente, Ebru Toksoy Oner, Ion N.Mihailescu, "Gradient multifunctional biopolymer thin film assemblies synthesized by combinatorial MAPLE", Volume 466, 1 February 2019, Pages 628-636 Applied Surface Science (2018)

2. Irina Alexandra Paun, Roxana Cristina Popescu, Cosmin Catalin Mustaciosu, Marian Zamfirescu, Bogdan Stefanita Calin, Mona Mihailescu, Maria Dinescu, Andrei Popescu, Diana Chioibasu, Mihai Sopronyi, Catalin Romeo Luculescu, "Laser-direct writing by two-photon polymerization of 3D honeycomb-like structures for bone regeneration", Volume: 10 Issue: 2, BIOFABRICATION (2018)


1. Brigaud, I., Agniel, R., Leroy Dudal, J., Kellouche, S., Ponche, A., Bouceba, T., Mihailescu, N., Sopronyi, M., Viguier, E., Ristoscu, C., Sima, F., Mihailescu, I.N., Carreira, A.C.O., Sogayar, M.C., Gallet, O., Anselme, K., "Synergistic effects of BMP-2, BMP-6 or BMP-7 with human plasma fibronectin onto hydroxyapatite coatings: a comparative study", Volume: 55 Pages: 481-492, Acta Biomaterialia (2017)

2. E. Axente, M. Sopronyi, Camé.Matei. Ghimbeu, C. Nita, A. Airoudj, G. Schrodj, F. Sima, "Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation: A novel approach to design mesoporous carbon films", Volume: 122 Pages: 484-495, Carbon (2017)


1. Visan, A; Stan, GE; Ristoscu, C; Popescu-Pelin, G; Sopronyi, M; Besleaga, C; Luculescu, C; Chifiriuc, MC; Hussien, MD; Marsan, O; Kergourlay, E; Grossin, D; Brouillet, F; Mihailescu, IN; "Combinatorial MAPLE deposition of antimicrobial orthopedic maps fabricated from chitosan and biomimetic apatite powders"; INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS 511 (1) 505-515 (2016).

2. Mihailescu, N; Stan, GE; Duta, L; Chifiriuc, MC; Bleotu, C; Sopronyi, M; Luculescu, C; Oktar, FN; Mihailescu, IN; "Structural, compositional, mechanical characterization and biological assessment of bovine-derived hydroxyapatite coatings reinforced with MgF2 or MgO for implants functionalization"; MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING C-MATERIALS FOR BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS 59, 863-874 (2016).

3. Mihailescu N., Stan G. E., Ristoscu C., Sopronyi M., Mihailescu I. N., "Bioactive glass thin films synthesized by advanced pulsed laser techniques", JOURNAL OF PHYSICS: CONFERENCE SERIES, 764 (2016) 012020

4. Sopronyi M ., Sima F., Vaulot C., Delmotte L., Bahouka A., Ghimbeu C. M., "Direct synthesis of graphitic mesoporous carbon from green phenolic resins exposed to subsequent UV and IR laser irradiations", SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6, 39617 (2016)


1. Camelia Matei Ghimbeu, Mihai Sopronyi, Felix Sima, Claudia Zlotea, Valérie Paul-Boncour, Luc Delmotte, Cyril Voulot, Jean-Marc Le Meins,(2015), „One-pot laser-assisted synthesis of porous carbon with embedded magnetic cobalt nanoparticles”,

2. Camelia Matei Ghimbeu, Mihai Sopronyi, Felix Sima, Cyril Voulot, Loic Vidal, Jean-Marc Le Meins,Luc Delmotte,(2015) „Light-assisted evaporation induced self-assembly”, RSC Advances, Issue 4, pages 2861-2868

3. A. Visan, D. Grossin, N. Stefan, L. Duta, F.M. Miroiu, G.E. Stan, M. Sopronyi, C. Luculescu, M. Freche, O. Marsan, C. Charvillat, S. Ciuca, I.N. Mihailescu(2014), “Biomimetic nanocrystalline apatite coatings synthesized by Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation for medical applications”, Materials Science and Engineering, B 181, page 56-64  


1. E.Lacatus, M.A.Sopronyi, G.C. Alecu, A.Tudor, ”Analysis of 3D biocompatible additive structure using COMSOL Multiphysics ® Software, Proceedings of the 2014 COMSOL Conference in Cambridge

2. E.Lacatus, , G.C. Alecu, A.Tudor, M.A. Sopronyi, “From Music to Non-Ivasie Therapies via COMSOL Multiphysics ® Models, ”, Proceedings of the 2014 COMSOL Conference in Cambridge

3. E.Lacatus, M.A. Sopronyi, G.C. Alecu, A.Tudor, “Heat Transfer and Phase transformation on Matrix Assisted Pulsed aser Evaporation )MAPLE) of Biocompatible Thin Layers”, Proceedings of the 2013 COMSOL Conference in Rotterdam

Additional Information

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· main research :  thin films obtained by PLD and MAPLE, photopolymerization for obtaning mesoporous carbon

Computer skills :

· CAD/CAM : Solid Works, CATIA V5, Inventor, AutoCAD, Comsol, SprutCam;

· MS Office: Word, Power Point, Excel;

· Scientific data : Origin Pro;

· Image processing : Photoshop, Gimp, ImageJ;

· Web Design: WordPress, HTML5;