Doina Craciun

Conctact Information

Personal Information

Date of Birth 08/05/1955
Place of Birth Bucharest

Sex: Female
Marital Status: Married, 2 children

Citizenship: Romanian

Languages: English, French


Graduate School
High School

Employment History

Work History
Research experience
1. Generation and characterization of laser plasma
2. Laser self-aligned synthesis of refractory metal silicides
3. Pulsed laser deposition of oxides and nitrates thin films by direct and reactive laser ablation.
4. Thin films photoprocessing
5. Optical, electrical, morphological and structural characterization of thin films by variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry, grazing and symmetrical x-ray diffraction, x rays reflectivity, x rays photoelectron spectroscopy, current-voltage and capacitance-voltage measurements, Fourier transform infrared spectrometry
6. Numerical estimations of the temperature gradients in laser ablated targets.
7. Reduction of droplets emission during PLD
8. Design, construction and operation of HV- UHV chambers
9. Ultraviolet assisted pulsed laser deposition of thin films
10. Characteristics of the interfacial layer formation during pulsed laser deposition of high-k dielectric films on silicon.

Funded projects

1. Project title: Laser nanointeractions. Agency: Romanian Minister of Education and Technology (RMET). Duration: 2003-2005
2. Project title: Surface physics studies in high intensity coherent radiation field. Agency: RMET. Duration: 2000-2002
3. Project title: Photoprocessing of thin films grown by reactive laser ablation. Agency: RMET. Dates: 1999-2001
4. Project title: Oxidation of Si and SiGe under the influence of UV radiation. Agency: RMET. Dates: 1996-1998
5. Project title: The UV assisted laser ablation: a new method for epitaxial thin films deposition. Agency: RMET. Dates: 2001-2002
6. Project title: Studies on the matter critical phase induced by high power laser irradiation. Agency: RMET. Dates: 2000
7. Project title: Fundamental studies on mechanisms of droplets formation by laser ablation. Agency: Romanian Academy. Dates: 1998
8. Project title: Nanostructured Photonic Sensors; Fifth European Community Framework Program and Corint NANOPHOS. Dates 2001-2003

International Cooperations

Publications summary

Publications impact

More then one hundred citations

Computer Skills

Operating Systems: DOS, Macintosh OS, Windows
Programming languages: FORTRAN, Turbo Pascal