Felix Nicolae Sima

Affiliation and official address:

Laser-Surface-Plasma Interactions Laboratory, Laser Department,

National Institute for Lasers, Plasma, and Radiation Physics (INFLPR),

Institute of Atomic Physics, 409 Atomistilor Street,

P.O. Box MG-36 RO-77125, Magurele, Bucharest V, Romania,

Phone: (40)-(21) 457 44 91,

Fax: (40)-(21) 457 42 43, 457 44 67,




Date and place of birth: October 1st, 1978; Urziceni, Ialomita, Romania ,

Nationality: Romanian




-          main field: Solid Physics, Laser Physics;

-          other fields: Biophysics, plasma and laser theory;

-          current research interests: Deposition and modification of thin solid structures by high intensity laser irradiation; biomaterials; optoelectronics and sensors; Surface studies with lasers; surface processing; deposition and modification of thin solid structures by high intensity laser irradiation;


Foreign languages: English, French, Japanese




Director of National and bilateral Grants:

Collaboration on Research Grants

Bilateral Grants:

International Grants:


Competence areas:

- working with UV KrF*excimer laser sources (λ = 248 nm, pulse duration 7 ns)

- pulsed laser deposition and reactive PLD of HA, OCP, TiN, AlN, LiNbO3, ZnO, Al2O3, polymers, Cr oxides etc…

- investigations by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X ray diffraction (XRD) including grazing incidence X ray diffraction (GIXRD), optical microscopy, nanoindentation.


Relevant book chapters:

  1. Sima F., Mihailescu I. N., “Biomimetic assemblies by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation” in “Laser Technology in Biomimetics”, Volker Schmidt, Maria R. Belegratis (eds.), Springer Series in Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering, ISBN 978-3-642-41340-7, uncorrected proof, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, p. 1-26, 2014;
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List of Relevant Publications:
  1. Sima F., Davidson PM, Dentzer J, Gadiou R, Pauthe E, Gallet O, Mihailescu IN, Anselme K, “Inorganic-organic thin implant coatings deposited by lasers”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7(1):911-920, 2015;
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1. Femto
16-17 March, 2015, Mauterndorf, Austria
 F. Sima, D. Wu, J. Xu, K. Midorikawa, K. Sugioka
Hybrid subtractive and additive femtosecond laser micro-machining for highly functional biochip fabrication”, Invited
2.RSBMB Anniversary Conference – 25 years of promoting molecular life sciences
7-18 September, 2015, Bucharest, Romania
F. Sima, I.N. Mihailescu
“Bioresponsive material surfaces fabricated by innovative laser approaches”, Invited
Oral communications and representative posters
1. Laser Advanced Material Processing - LAMP
26-29 May, 2015, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan
F. Sima, D. Wu, J. Xu, K. Midorikawa, K. Sugioka
“Hybrid femtosecond laser micro-integration of polymeric patterns inside glass channels for cell manipulation”, Oral communication
2.Photonics West
7-12 February, 2015, San Francisco, USA
F. Sima, D. Wu, J. Xu, K. Midorikawa, K. Sugioka
“Ship-in-a-bottle integration by hybrid femtosecond laser technology for fabrication of true 3D biochips”, Oral communication
3.IEEJ Topical Meeting Laser Processing & Advanced Technology
6 March, 2015, Hirosaki, Japan
F. Sima, D. Wu, J. Xu, K. Midorikawa, K. Sugioka
“Hybrid subtractive - additive femtosecond laser processing for “ship-in-a-bottle” integration of 3D polymer patterns inside glass micro-channels for single cell monitoring”, Oral communication
4.Materials in Medicine - MiMe
8-11 October, 2013, Faenza, Italy
F. Sima, E. Axente, L.E. Sima, E. Pauthe, O. Gallet, K. Anselme, I.N. Mihailescu
“Biomimetic organic composite materials assembled in multilayer configurations by a new combinatorial laser method”, Oral communication, Award “Best Innovative Ideas for a Research Project”
5.E-MRS Fall Meeting
16-20 September, 2013, Warsaw, Poland
F. Sima, E. Axente, L.E. Sima, E. Toksoy Oner, I.N. Mihailescu
“Combinatorial Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation of Variable Composition Polymeric Materials”, Oral communication
6.Modern Laser Applications - INDLAS
20-24 May, 2013, Bran, Romania
F. Sima, E. Axente, L.E. Sima, E. Pauthe, O. Gallet, E. Toksoy Oner, K. Anselme, I.N. Mihailescu
“Biomimetic multilayered structures by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation”, Oral communication
7.School on Lasers in Materials Science – SLIMS
8-15 July 2012, Venice, Italy
F. Sima, P. Davidson, J. Dentzer, R. Gadiou, E. Pauthe, O. Gallet, K. Anselme, I. N. Mihailescu
“Hybrid biomimetic multilayers obtained by pulsed laser deposition methods”, Poster and oral communication, poster award
8.Advanced Laser Technologies 2011,
3-8 September, 2011, Golden Sands, Bulgaria,
F. Sima, P. Davidson, E. Pauthe, O. Gallet, K. Anselme, C. Ristoscu, I.N. Mihailescu
“Protein layers transferred by MAPLE: structural, biochemical and biologica characterization”, Oral communication;
9.EMRS Spring Meeting
Strasbourg, France, 7-11 June 2010
F. Sima, P. Davidson, E. Pauthe, O. Gallet, K. Anselme, I. N. Mihailescu
“Fibronectin and vitronectin immobilization by MAPLE on HA nanolayers: a synergetic biointerface for medical implants”, Oral communication;
10.Séminaire Doctorant, 22 April 2010,
IS2M, amphi1, University Haute Alsace, Mulhouse, France
F. Sima, P. Davidson, E. Pauthe, O. Gallet, I.N. Mihailescu, K. Anselme
“Synthèse de nanostructures hybrids biomimétiques (phosphates de calcium + protéines) par techniques laser avancées : études structurales, biochimiques et biologiques”, Oral communication;
Strasbourg, France, 19-20 November 2009.
F. Sima, G. Dorcioman, C. Ristoscu, I.N. Mihailescu, M. Mateescu, K. Anselme, E. Pauthe, O. Gallet
“Extracellular matrix protein immobilization by pulsed laser assisted evaporation”, Oral communication;
12.PHOTONICS 2009,
Delphi, Greece, 7-9 October 2009
F. Sima, P. Davidson, E. Pauthe, O. Gallet, K. Anselme, I. N. Mihailescu
“Vitronectin nanostructures immobilized by laser techniques for osteoblast adhesion improvement”, Oral communication;
13.ROMOPTO 2009,
Sibiu, Romania, 31 August– 3 September, 2009
F. Sima, E. Axente, C. Ristoscu, C. N. Mihailescu, I.N. Mihailescu, K. Anselme, L.E. Sima, S. M. Petrescu, E. Pauthe, O. Gallet
“Protein immobilization by pulsed laser techniques to modify cell/biomaterial interactions”, Oral communication;
Rostock, Germania, 13-15 May 2009
F. Sima, F. Admane, J.Leroy-Dudal, K. Anselme, E. Pauthe, I. N. Mihailescu, O. Gallet
“Coatings of vitronectin by adsorption or laser deposition onto dense or thin layer hydroxyapatite supports”, Poster presentation;
Bordeaux, France, 6-9 July 2009
F. Sima, E. Axente, P. Davidson, E. Pauthe, O. Gallet, I. N. Mihailescu, K. Anselme
“MAPLE immobilization of extracellular matrix proteins onto hydroxyapatite nanostructured layers: immunodetection and cell adhesion”, Poster presentation;