Nicolaie Stefan 

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                         PLACE OF BIRTH:     09.11.1962, Sperieteni , Dambovita, Romania


                                            GENDER:     Male


                                NATIONALITY:     Romanian


MARIAGE STATUS / CHILDREN:    Married / 2 Dothers

                                                                   Anca - Andreea, 21 yrs, UNC student, Fayetteville, NC, USA;

                                                                   Maria-Francine-Persida, 18 yrs, UNC student, Durham, NC, USA

                               HOME ADDRES:     Bucharest, S6, str.  P. Scarisoara, no.2, 


                         MILITARY STATUS:   1981-1982  UM.085, Craiova, Gorj   ( Sergeant short term.)

                                                                  1986  Final stage, UM.0575, Bucuresti, Magurele (Sublieutenant)

           STUDIES and CAPACITIES:   1969-1977  Primary and Elementary School, Sperieteni, Dambovita

                                                                   1977–1981   Technical High School “Gr.Alexandrescu’’, Targoviste, DB

                                                                  Baccalaureate, FIELD Electro technical and auto,

                                                                   1982–1986 Physics Faculty, University of Bucharest, Optics Plasma Lasers and Spectroscopy Department.

                                                                  Dissertation, “RF plasma etching setup ” Scientific  Conductor PhD. Prof I.Iova , CSP1. Geavit Musa

                                                                   2002-2004  Master: optics, spectroscopy, plasma and lasers,

                                                                  Dissertation: PLD of biocompatible materials thin films of carbonated hydroxyapatite manganese doped , Mn: CHA

                                                                   15.12.2000_15.12.2007  PhD Student: Optics, spectroscopy and lasers

                                                                   Exams: lasers Physics, may_2001(VG), Matter laser radiation interaction  July_ 2003(FB), Thin films analyses methods Sept_2003 (VG).

                                                                   Reports: UV emission lasers, Apryl 2004 (FB);

                                                                   laser radiation interaction with Materials, May 2005(G); Thin films nuclear analyses methods (RBS and ERDA), Aug 2005 (VG)

       PROFESIONAL EXPERTISE:     2006 - To Date,  Scientific Resercher , LSPI Laboratory, NILPRP, Magurele_Bucharest, Romania

                                                                  Physics teacher at:

                                                                  2002 – To date, Theoretical H.S ‘’Stefan Odobleja’’  Bucuresti,  S5, str.  Dorneasca, nr.7A, tel. (secr) 411.2213,  (dir) 411.1955;

                                                                  1998-2002, Theoretical H.S. “ H.Hulubei”, Magurele;

                                                                  1990-1998,  Industriel Machines Construction. H.S., Mangalia, Constanta 

                                                                  1986-1990, Middle and High School: I-X classes,  Albesti, Constanta 

    1996-1997  Teaching 1st degree, (10/10; Theme: “Studies on  Si and Ge semiconductor diodes” Coordinator  Conf.dr. Ana Ioanid, Solid State

                                                                  Department, Physics faculty, Bucharest University

                                                                  1992-1996   Vise Principal at  GSICM  Mangalia

                                                                  1992  Second degree teacher (9.25/10);

                                                                  1989 Permanent Teacher, (10/ 10)  

               FOREIGN LANGUAGES:    

                               INFORMATICS   Windows, Ms Office, Fortran, Basic, Turbo Pascal                                                                              

                                  REFERENCES:   - Prof.Dr.  Iancu Iova, Prof.Dr TudorTtiberiu - Optical, Spectroscopy, Plasma and Laser Department, Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University

                                                                 - Prof. Ioan Licea si Conf.Dr.  Ana Ioanid – Solid State Physics Department, Bucharest University

                                                                - CS1.PhD.Gheorghe Dinescu, Plasma Department of INCDFM, Magurele