Claudiu Liviu Hapenciuc

Affiliation and official address:

“Laser-Surface-Plasma Interactions” Laboratory, Lasers Department,

National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics,

Institute of Atomic Physics,

P.O. Box MG-36 RO-77125

Magurele, Bucharest, Romania

   Phone: home: 7 25 38 61

              mobile: 0726 528 932 

Nationality: Romanian 


 Foreign languages:  



2007-2009         Teaching Assistant, Boston College, Boston, MA,


                           Duties: Grading homeworks and exams.Solving problems for students in class.


2001 – 2007       Research Assistant Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY,

                           Mechanical    Engineering.

                           Duties: Developing new techniques for thermoelectric properties measurement

                           of nanostructured naterials, nanostructures growth.


1998 – 2001       Research Scientist, the National Institute of  Lasers Plasma and   

                           Radiation  Physics, Bucharest, Romania.

                           Duties:  The study of the energy transfer processes in Er:YAG


1996 - 1998        Physicist Engineer at the Steel Factory, “SIDEX”, Safety Environmental

                            Laboratory, Galati, Romania.

                            Duties: Developing of a theoretical method for pollutants dispersion in air from the                                                                         

                            Steel Factory.Measurements in situ of several kind of gaseous and solid pollutants.


1995 – 1996        Research Assistant, the National Institute of Lasers Plasma and Radiation Physics

                            Bucharest, Romania.

                            Duties:  the study of the laser emission at 3 um of Er; YAG crystals by numerical  simulation, absorption and emission spectra measurement, maintenance of the solid state lasers systems in the lab


P    Perofessional activity

            1995-2001          SPIE, Member

            2000-2001          Romanian Society of Physics, Member

             2002 - Present     American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Member



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Conference papers


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