The aim of our research is the identification of innovative technologies for drug delivery applications based on smart polymeric systems. The drug release from polymeric matrices is externally controlled by means of magnetic and electrical signals. Externally triggered on-demand drug release from such smart polymeric systems can significantly improve the efficiency of the drug therapy since it enables the delivery of the drug to a precise location at a precise concentration and for a precise duration. In this pursuit, we propose three synthesis approaches: i) submicron polymeric particles containing magnetic nanoparticles ii) submicron particles based on electroactive polymers and, iii) the combination of previous two solutions, magnetic nanoparticles embedded in electroactive-based polymeric particles. The originality of the last two approaches is the use of polymeric blends and (block) copolymers based on electroactive and appropriate biodegradable polymers or monomers as matrix for submicronic particles. The synthesis of magnetic and electrical-field-sensitive polymeric nanoparticles will enhance the drug delivery effectiveness as a response to the external fields because it combines both mechanisms of release. Our smart polymeric systems will be tested in form of gels/suspensions or coatings of nanoparticles.