Concept of the project:

The aim of the project is the production and processing of complex nanocomposites consisting of noble metal nanoparticles and anion as well as metal cation doped oxide nanotubes and nanowires for environmental applications. It is well known, that energy production and environmental pollution are facing a major problem due to harmful industrial processes, and it is essential to find a renewable energy source for environmental protection. Highly efficient nanocomposite materials have the potential to slove the present energy crisis by solar energy convertion through photovoltaic cells, hydrogen generation by water spliting, safe drinking water provision through water treatment catalysts eliminating organic  pollutants, environmental self-cleaning, as well as safe healthcare environments in form of  coatings that can destroy bacteria reducing hospital acquired infections. The studies will be based on the accurate characterisation of the nanostructured materials, consisting of noble metal nanoparticles as well as ordered oxide nano-arrays formed by nanotubes and nanowires. The materials will be obtained through non-conventional laser deposition methods.