Research Team

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Romania: Prof. Ion N. Mihailescu

National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Magurele, Ilfov -

INFLPR team consists of 2 Senior Researchers…

    •Prof. Ion N. Mihailescu
    •Dr. Carmen Ristoscu (42 years)

and  6 researchers under 40

    •Drd. Irina Negut (27 years)
    •Drd. Anita Visan (31 years)
    •Drd. Mihai Sopronyi (25 years)
    •Dr. Natalia Mihailescu (32 years)
    •Dr. Felix Sima (36 years)
    •Dr. Emanuel Axente (38 years)

France: Prof. Olivier Gallet

Equipes de Recherche sur les Relations matrices extracellulaires-Cellules, Université Cergy-

Pontoise -

2 additional teams from France:

-Institut de Sciences des Materiaux de Mulhouse (Dr. Karine Anselme) -
-VetAgro Sup Campus vétérinaire de Lyon (Dr. Eric Viguier) -