Ion Mihailescu

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Affiliation and official address

Laser-Surface-PlasmaInteractions Laboratory, Lasers Department
National Institute for Lasers, Plasma, and Radiation Physics (INFLPR),
StradaAtomistilor, nr.409
P.O.Box MG-54 RO-77125,
Phone:+40 (0) 21 45744 91
Fax:+40 (0) 21 457 4243, 457 44 67

Dateand placeof birth

May 30, 1947; Slatina, Olt, Romania 






English,French, Russian,Italian



PhD theses supervised

  1. Muhammad Arif MAHMOOD, Experiments and Modelling in Laser Additive Manufacturing for Metallic and Ceramic Parts: A Correlation Study, September 24, 2021, Bucharest University, Romania
  2. Ion-Ferdinand LĂNCRĂNJAN, Contributions to the development of non-invasive laser and optoelectronic methods for the study and control of fluid flows, September 2020, Bucharest University, Romania
  3. Anca-Maria BUCĂ, Interactions with lasers and relative electron beams: applications in processing of solids, August 2020, Bucharest University, Romania
  4. Mihai Adrian SOPRONYI, „Thin films and nanostructures by advanced pulsed laser technologies for biomedicine, sensing and energy storage applications”, Bucharest University, Romania, 9 Sept 2019
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Fellowships,working stages

InternationalConference Organizing

MembershipofProfessional Societies



Management of international projects

Coordinator of participations in international contracts by the National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics – INFLPR, Bucharest Romania:
    1. Bilateral Belgia 103 BM 2017-2018, Biosenzori nanostructuraţi şi funcţionalizaţi prin iradiere şi transfer cu pulsuri laser
    2. NATO G 4890 2016 – 2019, Energy - efficient decontamination by UV & cold plasma using metamaterials
    3. ANR 19 Ro-Fr, 2014 -2016, Innovative BIOmimetic nanostructured COATings for orthopaedic implants BY advanced pulsed LASER methods
    4. Brancusi (bilateral Fr) 778/2014-2016, Nanocompozite biomimetice obtinute prin biotehnologii laser avansate pentru vindecarea rapidă şi regenerarea ţesuturilor osoase
    5. CARLA 7-083, 2014-2015, Ag/Si doped carbon layer for bio-medical application / „Straturi de carbon dopate cu Ag/Si pentru aplicatii biomedicale”
    6. Bilateral Turcia 597 2013-2014, Suprafețe biofuncţionale nanostructurate obținute prin tehnologii de scriere laser directă
    7. Bilateral Moldova 693 2013-2014, Nanostructuri biomimetice sintetizate prin tehnologii laser avansate pentru o nouă generaţie de implanturi: studii experimentale şi modelare teoretică
    8. 247 EUREKA/10,10,2005-2009 Hydroxyapatite nanocomposite ceramics- new alternate materials and devices for osseous implants
    9. MNT-07 - 012/08, Advanced nanocomposites based on hydroxyapatite for applications in medicine 
    10. ECO-NET -“Dépôts de phosphates de calcium silicatés à usage de biomatériaux” 2008-2009
    11. NATO CLG 982793: “Nanocrystalline and amorphous thin films for sensor applications”; partners:Institute of Nanonostructures Technology and Analytics, University of Kassel, Germany, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Thin Films Technology Laboratory, Department of Physics, Sofia Bulgaria
    12. DECHIR-CHAFILI-IB7320-111073/1: Deposition - Characterization - Irradiation of Chalcogenide Films for Lithography, 2005–2008; partners: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland; A. F. IOFFE Physico-Technical Institute, Russia
    13. EUREKA (BIONANOCOMPOSIT E!3033) 37/2005: Hydroxyapatite nanocomposite ceramics – new implant material for bone substitute, 2005–2006; coordinator: University of Riga, Latvia
    14. NANOPHOS IST-2001-39112: Nanostructured Photonic Sensors, 2002–2005; 14 partners; coordinator: National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Greece
    15. PHOREMOST INFSO-IST-511616: Nanophotonics to realize molecular-scale technologies; coordinator: Laboratorio Europeo di spettroscopie non-lineari, Italy
    16. NATO PST.CLG 980464: Controlled thin film doping by two synchronized laser systems for nano-electronic applications, 2003–2004; coordinator: National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Greece
    17. NATO PST.CLG. 977325:Multiwavelength plasma investigationsfor applications in thin film deposition and processing,2002–2003; coordinator: National Hellenic ResearchFoundation, Athens, Greece
    18. FENIKS G5RD-CT-2001-00535: Ferromagnetic semiconductors and novel magnetic semiconductor heterostructures for improved knowledge on spintronics, 2001­–2005; 16 partners; coordinator: IMEC, Leuven, Belgium
    19. SIMI G5RD-CT-2000-00423: Surface Improvement of Metal Implants: New Preparation Methods and New Materials, 2000–2004; 10 partners; coordinator: Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France
    20. PHARE ContractRO9602-02-02-L024: Enhanced Free RunningLaser Device for Surface Cleaning, 2000; other partners: Foundation forResearch and Technology – Hellas, Institute of ElectronicStructure and Laser (FORTH-IESL)
    21. INCO-CopernicusIC15-CT98-0807: Inter-European pulsed laserdeposition network for novel materials (INPULSNET),1998–2000; 6 partners; coordinator: Foundation for Researchand Technology – Hellas, Institute of Electronic Structureand Laser (FORTH-IESL)
    22. International Atomic EnergyAgency Contract no. 6642/R2/RB:Spectroscopic and transport studies of plasmas near material walls;Plasma interaction with wall materials; Laser and plasma surfacestudies, 1992–1996

      Coordinatorof INFLPR participation in bilateral agreements:

    1. Ultrafastelectronic and structural dynamics in thin films of charge density wavecompounds, Romania- Slovenia Cooperation In Science and Technology 2008 - 2009  
    2. NanostructuredThinFilms Fabricated by AdvancedLaser Techniques with Applications in Nanoelectronics, Spintronics,Biology andMedicine, BilateralScientific and Technological Cooperation Between Cyprusand Romania
    3. Réalisation par techniques laser avancées de structures multicouches biomimétiques pour la régénération des tissues minéralisés Scientific Collaboration Brancusi Program, ICSI-CNRS, Mulhouse, France, 14775SL, 2007-2008 Scientific Collaboration Brancusi Program, ICSI-CNRS, Mulhouse, France, 14775SL, 2007-2008
    4. Mémoires tridimensionnelles a l’échelle nanométrique: stockage et lecture par des impulsions laser ultra-brèves, Scientific Collaboration Brancusi Program, LP3-CNRS, Marseille, France, 14813TE, 2007-2008
    5. New biomimetic calciumphosphate coatings for metallicimplants; theme 36, Program of scientific and technological cooperationbetween Italy and Romania, 2006-2008
    6. Pulsed laser deposition ofoxide thin films for gas sensingand optoelectronics applications, 2006–2008; partner:Institute of Electronics, Sofia, Bulgaria
    7. Laser interactions for newadvanced applications inmedicine, biology, and/or opto(nano)-electronics, 2006–2008;partner: Natural Sciences Center of General Physics Institute, RussianAcademy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
    8. Laser produced plasma:spectroscopic diagnostics andapplications in thin films deposition and characterizations, 2006-2008,Serbian Academy Of Sciences and arts and Physics Institute of Belgrade,Serbia.
    9. Micro- and nano-patternedsurfaces and magneticnanoparticles as a new generation in biomaterials, 2006–2007;partner: Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy ofSciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
    10. Thin films obtained bypulsed laser deposition and matrixassisted pulsed laser evaporation, 2005-2007; partner: Institute ofPhysics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
    11. Thin films and structuresfor medical, chemical andbiological applications, 2005–2007; 2003–2005;partner: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israeli Academy of Sciencesand Humanism, Israel
    12. Optical, magnetic andelectrical properties ofnanostructured layers obtained by PLD for new applications in sensing,waveguides, spintronics and advanced electrical measurements,2004–2007; partner: Institute of Solid State Physics,Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
    13. Bilateral Agreement,2003–2006, SOCRATES Program:for Higher Education (ERASMUS); partners: Institute of Physics andChemistry of Materials, Strasbourg, France; National Institute forApplied Sciences (NIAS), Strasbourg, France
    14. Artificial structures withmagnetic, optical and mechanicalproperties obtained by reactive pulsed laser deposition (RPLD), CNRSContract, 1998–2006; partners: Institute of Physics andChemistry of Materials, Strasbourg, France; National Institute forApplied Sciences (NIAS), Strasbourg, France
    15. Pulsed laser deposition ofoptical and magnetic thin films,2003-2005; partner: Institute of Electronics, Sofia, Bulgaria
    16. Laser deposition of thinoxide films for optoelectronicdevices, 2004; partner: Department of Physics, University of Lecce,Italy
    17. Material processing bypulsed laser ablation: plasmadiagnostics and theoretical modeling, 2002–2004; partner:Laboratory of Lasers, Plasmas and Photonics, Mediterranean University(Aix-Marseille II), Marseille, France
    18. Pulsed laser deposition ofthin films, 2002–2004;partner: Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the CzechRepublic, Czech Republic
    19. Electrophysical and opticalproperties of CNx-Si, WCx-Si,AlNx-Si, SiCx-Si and BNx-Si heterostructures, 2001–2004;partner: Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy ofSciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
    20. Pulsed laser deposition ofthin oxide films,2000–2003; partner: Institute of Electronics, Sofia, Bulgaria
    21. Surface laser modificationof metal/ceramic thin filmsmaterials for microelectronics and sensor techniques,2000–2003; partner: J. Malinowski Central Laboratory ofPhotoprocesses, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria;
    22. Pulsed laser deposition andprocessing of thin films,2000–2002; partner: Department of Experimental Physics,University of Szeged, Hungary;
    23. Cooperation Project, 2000; partner: University of Orléans, France;
    24. Thin film and multilayersystems diagnostics andtechnology, 1999–2002; partner: Institute of Physics, SlovakAcademy of Sciences, Slovakia

        Management of national projects

        1. POC G 135/2016, Noi tehnologii avansate de acoperire a suprafetelor folosind fascicul laser de mare putere in vederea cresterii fiabilitatii si a performantelor materialelor - PRELAM
        2. Contracts under the National Program for Research, Development, and Innovation
        3. Contracts under the Center of Excellence Program
        4. ORIZONT 2000 National Program, 1990–2001
        5. Lasers and Applications National Contract, 1975–1990: various research themes on laser interactions