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Advanced biodegradable Mg/Mg alloys implants with corrosion protection and antimicrobial shielding by hybrid coatings

This contract is financed by Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research,  CNCS-UEFISCDI,
project no.  PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-0396

             The production of biodegradable Mg-based metal implants is a challenging topic. There are still several involved processes that are not fully understood. The investigation of these phenomena will enable the development of a new generation of biomedical implants. One of the most effective ways to protect metal implants from corrosive media is to coat the base materials with innovative bioactive biomaterials which are expected to promote synergic interactions between implant and tissue. The innovative solution proposed in this project is to obtain by pulsed laser technologies, thin coatings with different characteristics. Our approach will permit a shortening of patients healing time and provide a solution for the long-term modification of biodegradable metallic implant-like surfaces.

Research Team

Dr. Natalia Mihailescu

Project Leader

Dr. Mihailescu Cristian

Dr. Sima Felix

Dr. Ristoscu Carmen

PhD. Student
Sopronyi Mihai

Tech. Anton Ionuta

PhD. Student
Mihaela Georgescu






1. Development of advanced pulsed laser technologies suitable for thin films deposition;

2. Selecting the optimal composition with highest corrosive action and efficiency antimicrobial activity.  
3. Further research on MAPLE depositions on the selected compositions in objective 2.
4. Development of technologies for anticorrosive and antimicrobial coatings on large surfaces to be used on Mg/Mg alloys MIs.

Expected Results :

1.Development of a new generation of biodegradable MIs based on Mg/Mg alloys which is expected not to be unaffected by dysfunctions encountered in the research reported in recent studies.


1. University “Politehnică” Bucharest , Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Material Science - ROMANIA;
2. Center for Advanced Laser Technologies (CETAL), Biological Testing Laboratory - ROMANIA;
3. University “Transilvania” Brașov - ROMANIA;
4. University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology - ROMANIA;
5. University Aveiro, Department of Materials and Ceramics Engineering, Aveiro -  PORTUGALIA.


Paper published in ISI journals:

1) „Bioactive glass thin films synthesized by advanced pulsed laser techniques” N. Mihăilescu, George E. Stan, C. Ristoscu, M. Sopronyi și Ion N. Mihăilescu, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 764 (2016) 012020 doi:10.1088/1742-6596/764/1/012020;

2) „Functionalized Antimicrobial Composite Thin Films Printing for Stainless Steel Implant Coatings”, Laura Floroian , Carmen Ristoscu, Natalia Mihailescu, Irina Negut, Mihaela Badea, Doru Ursutiu, Mariana Carmen Chifiriuc, Iuliana Urzica, Hussien Mohammed Dyia, Coralia Bleotu si Ion N. Mihailescu, Molecules 2016, 21, 740; doi:10.3390/molecules21060740;

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6) „Compositional gradient biopolymer thin film assemblies synthesized by Combinatorial Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation (C-MAPLE)”, Natalia Mihailescu, Merve Erginer Haskoylu, Carmen Ristoscu, Müge Sennaroglu Bostan, Emanuel Axente, Mihai Sopronyi, Mehmet Eroğlu, Mariana Carmen Chifiriuc, Cosmin Catalin Mustaciosu, EbruToksoy Oner, Ion N. Mihailescu, under review - Biofabrication;

7) „Corrosion studies of Mg/Mg –based alloys as biodegradable metallic materials”, Natalia Mihailescu, A. Ficai, I. Negut, Roxana Truscă, Dragos Gudovan, Laura Floroian, and Ion N. Mihailescu, under review - Jurnalul Corrosion Science;

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Book chapter:

1) „Biopolymer Thin Films Synthesized by Advanced Pulsed Laser Techniques”, Emanuel Axente, Felix Sima, Carmen Ristoscu, Natalia Mihailescu and Ion N. Mihailescu, Ed. InTech, Chapter 4 in Recent Advances in Biopolymers, pag 74-104, 2016. 

International Conferences:

1) Best-Poster la Conferința INERA – 2016, Vapor Phase Technologies for metal oxide and carbon nanostructures, 5 – 9 July 2016, Velingrad, Bulgaria, „Nanostructured bioactive glass thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition onto biodegradable metallic implants”, Natalia Mihăilescu, G.E. Stan, Carmen Ristoscu, M. Sopronyi, și Ion N. Mihailescu.

2) Poster prezentat la Conferinta ICPEPA-10, 10th International Conference on Photoexcited Processes and Applications, August 29 – September 2, 2016, Brasov, Romania, „Nanostructured bioactive glass thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition onto biodegradable metallic implants”, Natalia Mihailescu, A. Ficai, M. Sopronyi, Laura Floroian, G.E. Stan, Irina Negut, C. Hapenciuc, Carmen Ristoscu, F. Sima, C.N. Mihailescu, J.M.F. Ferreira and Ion N. Mihailescu.

3) Oral presentation at EMRS Fall Meeting – 2017, 17-21.9.2017, at Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering Warsaw University of Technology. Title : „Biocompatibility and antimicrobial improvement of metallic implants by C-MAPLE”, presented by Mihai Sopronyi. M. Sopronyi, N.Mihailescu, A. Ficai, C. Ristoscu,C.N. Mihailescu, L.Floroian, M. C. Chifiriuc, I.Negut, I.N. Mihailescu

Laboratory Equipment

 The main laboratory equipments acquired within the project