New Magnetic Heat Transport for Thermal Management in Aerospace Electronics

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Research Team

Dr. Cristian Mihailescu

Prof. Ion Mihailescu

Dr. Carmen Ristoscu

Dr. Gabriel Socol

Dr. Gabriela Dorcioman

Dr. Natalia Mihailescu

PhD. Student Valentina Grumezescu

Tech. Tudor Ion

Marius Trusculescu

Claudiu Dragasanu

Mugurel Balan

Alexandru Pandele

Mihnea Ion

Ion Ciobanu

Liviu Petcu

Costel Cherciu

Antonia Croitoru

Alexandra Dita


  • International Conference

     Poster presentation at EMRS Fall Meeting – 2017, 17-21.9.2017, at Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering Warsaw University of Technology. Title : „Single-crystalline, dingle-domain epitaxy of La5Ca9Cu24O42 thin films”, presented by Cristian N. Mihailescu. Authors: Cristian N. Mihailescu  and John Giapintzakis 
  • Book Chapters
  • Paper Published in ISI Journals


    The main objective of this project is to provide the S&T knowledge and excellence which is necessary to enhance thermal management in electronic devices used in aerospatial industry utilizing a new class of materials. In particular, we wish to exploit low-dimensional quantum magnetic oxides for advanced and innovative thermal management. A successful project outcome will result in the fabrication of two sets of tessting devices. The first device will show the these novel oxide materials efficiently channel and carry away parasitic heat such as the generated on a printed circuit boards. A typical example of the first device wil demonstrate the advantage of our materials in thermal management compared with conventional materials is ilustrated in Figure 1. The second device will incorporate the firsst device developments into a PBC mounted module which will be teste in laboratory conditions, but also in vacuum showing the advantages of advanced cooling and local temperature regulation


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